Evangelistic Strategies in a Post-Modern World Comparison Essay by Suzannah

Evangelistic Strategies in a Post-Modern World
This paper looks at evangelistic strategies in contrast to strategies in the modern world.
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In this article, the writer notes that evangelism is a key concept of the New Testament and, as such, remains an essential aspect of many modern churches. The writer discusses that within the past few decades, however, a significant decline in church attendance has raised questions in relation to evangelism, thus resulting in the introduction of evangelistic strategies aimed at reaching a modern or post-modern world. This paper, therefore, contrasts and evaluates the evangelistic strategies and/or methods used by both the early and modern church, subsequently evaluating the consistency and merit of today's strategies and/or methods with those of the New Testament.

Evangelistic Strategies and/or Methods Used by the Early Church
Evangelistic Strategies and/or Methods Used by Today's Church

From the Paper:

"This concept of being all things to all people can be found in many examples within the New Testament, and is something that has been used as a fundamental reason for changing or adapting traditional forms of evangelism into the forms that we see today. New Testament believers, for example, used concepts that reflected the thinking or reasoning of their surrounding culture, which was rooted in post-modern notions of absolutes. In other words, when Paul addressed the issues challenging the Gospel, he did so by using arguments that clearly portray his understanding of the issues being addressed by the surrounding culture, and the way in which these notions influenced people's understanding of the gospel message. As such, examples of evangelical strategies in the New Testament show that evangelists were primarily concerned neither with missionary technique nor modifying a "changeless gospel." Instead, they were interested in finding common ground, thus enabling them to communicate their message through addressing contemporary issues."

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