Electoral Systems in Canada & New Zealand Comparison Essay by Master Researcher

Electoral Systems in Canada & New Zealand
A comparison of the election system in New Zealand and Canada.
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This paper presents the thesis that New Zealand has a better and more efficient electoral system as it gives more citizens a chance to vote through the mixed member proportional system. This paper explains that New Zealand's electoral system is more efficient as it gives more citizens a chance to vote through the mixed member proportional system.

New Zealand

From the Paper:

"Canada's current electoral system elects parties and individuals according to the number of votes they receive. A party wins seats based purely on having the most votes in the various ridings. By solely relying on the plurality of votes, a party can win an election even though they do not have the support of the majority of voters. A party can easily win an election with only 40% of the nation's support, which obviously brings us to question the legitimacy of the process.
"Canada's current electoral system has been called the "First Past the Post" or the "Winner Takes All" system. This title identify the system as being concerned with only the winner of the electoral "race" and gives no recognition to all losing candidates, even if their combined support should be greater than the winner's support.
"Increasingly, however, it is becoming evident among significant portions of the Canadian populace that a change in the electoral system is sorely needed. Moreover, the political system most analysts are championing is the Proportional Representation (PR) electoral system. Proportional Representation is already used in most of the world's democracies, and is the reason new political movements are represented in many European legislatures. In fact, the only democracies that do not currently use PR are Britain, Canada, and the United States. The past few years other nations such as South Africa, New Zealand, Russia and Mexico have adopted forms of PR in their national elected governments."

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