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Edward Titchner versus Max Wertheimer
A comparison of Edward Titchner and Max Wertheimer and their respective structural and gestalt theories.
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Published on Feb 13, 2008 in Psychology (Theory)

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This paper provides a brief review of two major psychological theorists - Edward Titchner and Max Wertheimer. It provides a brief biographical sketch of each theorist and then describes and analyzes their respective structural and Gestalt theories and schools of psychology. The paper then compares and contrasts the two schools of psychology.

Table of Contents:
Titchner versus Wertheimer
Edward Titchner
Max Wertheimer
Gestalt Psychology
Comparing Structural and Gestalt

From the Paper:

"Walter (1997) distinguishes between Wertheimer's Gestalt and Titchner's approach based on the conscious mind. Researchers (Rausch, 1949 and Hoeth, 1979 as cited by Walter, 1997) believe that if Titchner defines the conscious mind as knowledge based on interactions the individual can recall and then verbalize in what might be called self-determination, then Titchner is ignoring the unconscious in his rational based view. Wertheimer, on the other hand, doesn't believe the unconscious has any more to do with self-determination than does the conscious mind, "the inaccessible no less than the accessible, the ground no less than the distinguishable figure, the functionally bound...no less than that which is seen, the visual constant...no less than the visual variable" (Rausch, 1949 and Hoeth, 1979 as cited by Walter, 1997)."

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