Edward Taylor and Jonathan Edwards: A Theological Comparison Comparison Essay by a359

Edward Taylor and Jonathan Edwards: A Theological Comparison
This paper is a comparison of two pastors in Colonial America, Edward Taylor and Jonathan Edwards.
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This paper looks at two Colonial American pastors, Edward Taylor and Jonathan Edwards. The role these men played in the lives of the people is examined in detail since during these times, all theological knowledge was derived from their local pastor. A pastor was their only connection to God and one's learning how to get to heaven, therefore his correct interpretation of the Bible was crucial to their spirituality. Through their sermons, each of these men hoped to lead their congregations to salvation, but they had different methods of achieving this goal. Taylor used love, joy, praise and worship while Edwards used fear, revenge, hatred, dark imagery, and scorn.

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"Taylor's "Joy" is a poem about the souls of "saints" (people who were devout members of the church while living) traveling in the "coach" of Jesus' arms toward heaven (3,5). Taylor uses this imagined scenario to demonstrate to his congregation the right way to live while on earth, and how one gets to heaven. The saints sing for joy as they travel, "Enfirde with holy Flame!(7). If something "slips" (i.e. their faith or righteousness) they fix it in haste, and are made more superior in the eyes of God than before (13). Taylor is trying to convey to congregants that God notices the rectification of a sin. Taylor says that in all areas of life "public, and private, any And secret too," that one is to praise God and act in accordance with His will (19,20). Taylor proclaims that on the way to heaven, the "saints" see other souls who aren't in Christ's protective arms (25-28). He emphasizes that they can get to heaven as well if they mend their ways."

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