Differences between American and Japanese Thought Comparison Essay by tony22279

Differences between American and Japanese Thought
A comparison of American and Japanese values based upon Japanese literature and film as well as on Western perspectives on Japan.
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This paper discusses some of the differences between Americans and Japanese that are evident in comparing the culture, interests, and literature of each. The writer's main purpose is to view Alan Booth's "A Thousand Cranes, A Thousand Suns" from a new perspective. In order to do this, the paper relies heavily on Japanese literature as well as American film in order to demonstrate the differences between the two cultures. Ultimately, Americans cannot truly understand the Japanese culture because they have not lived within it as the Japanese people have.

From the Paper:

"A close look from the Japanese perspective of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima reveals some very different ideals between the two cultures of which many Westerners may not be aware. Emperor Hirohito's public speech announcing the surrender of World War II to the Japanese people, for example, demonstrates that losing a war was much more devastating to the Japanese than the enormous loss of life after the bombing. The speech is delivered in a manner which hopes to convince the Japanese citizens that the "[resolution] to pave the way for a grand peace" (Mount Holyoke College) - or surrender - is a rational decision which outweighs the dishonor of losing a war. He was very careful to avoid using such words as surrender so as not to blatantly admit defeat."

Sample of Sources Used:

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