Cubism and Surrealism Comparison Essay by Nicky

Cubism and Surrealism
A comparative analysis of the features of the art forms Cubism and Surrealism.
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Published on Nov 16, 2011 in Art (History)

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This paper discusses how the early 20th century saw a number of radical and eviscerating critiques of representational styles of art. In particular, it looks at Cubism and Surrealism and discusses how although they shared many complementary attitudes, the two movements sprung from very different artistic impulses. The paper further examines how Cubism sprang from an interest in different types of art and new concepts of geometry, space, and anatomy and how in comparison, Surrealism is linked with Dadaism, an anti-art movement that drew inspiration from parody, pastiche, and strange and arresting images that were often realistic in style and depiction.

From the Paper:

"Like Picasso drew inspiration from El Greco, although they supposedly disdained all tradition in theory, many Surrealists remained profoundly influenced by artists of the past. Salvador Dali, was "inspired by the Dutch masters of the 17th century realism" in its style even while Dali used "multiple symbolic images to suggest his subconscious. His paintings were odd, influenced by his dreams" but his technique and previous study of Western art is even more evident than in Picasso's Cubist works (Historical origins of the Surrealist art movement, 2009, Art History Archive). In the Persistence of Memory, "Dali rendered his fantastic visions with meticulous verisimilitude, giving the representations of dreams a tangible and credible appearance. In what he called 'hand painted dream photographs,' hard objects become inexplicably limp, time bends, and metal attracts ants like rotting flesh. "

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