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Copyright Laws
This in-depth paper examines and compares the issue of copyright and their applicability in terms of the law in the U.S., U.K. and China.
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This well-researched paper centers on the matter of copyrighted material in terms of literary works, musical compositions, dramatic works, pantomimes and choreographic works, pictorial and multi-media packages within CD-ROMs among others. This paper focuses on the legalities of copyright in the three countries cited primarily from the point of view held by archives. The writer of this paper begins by offering a detailed definition of both archives and copyright. According to this paper, a copyright is a set of laws and rules that are established as a particular form of government with the primary goal of protecting the original works of the author. This paper delves into various concepts of copyright including its being construed as a certain specification of law within a particular field of work. The writer examines the situation in the U.K. which currently houses nearly 2,000 archive repositories of various types in England. This paper analyzes the Title 17, U.S. Code copyright law which applies and can only be enforced in the U.S. The Title 17, U.S. Code is given to original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical and other forms of artistic works which give the owner of the work in question the permission to reproduce said work. This paper details the significance of China's copyright laws on America while delving into the vast differences between China's perception of archived and documented material to that of the western world. The writer examines the growing field of online archives and libraries. This in-depth and informative paper also contains pertinent data and statistics relevant to this specific topic. According to published figures there are 1.5 million visits a year to archives while up to 75% of those who visit do so for private or personal research.

Table of Contents:
Archives and the Copyright Provisions in the West
Archives and the Copyright Provisions in China

From the Paper:

"The term copyright has to be explained to some extent. Copying takes place in a number of instances and can be considered when a single copy is made of an article through photocopying, downloading pages from a Web site, or seeing a picture that has been loaded in the digital format. In all these instances, there is no violation of the rights of the copyright holder, as they may be considered to be a fair use of the facility. Since the question of copying is involved, there has to be an understanding as to whether there are violations of any rights of the copyright holder. The permissions have to be given when certain actions are involved like a movie version from a book, translation of a book into other languages, etc. In these cases, the rights of the copyright holder are involved, and it does not matter from where the person desirous of making the change got hold of the material. It depends on the copyright holder to say how the work for which they are holding copyright will be distributed to the public at large."

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