Condorcet, Marx and the Philosophy of History Comparison Essay by Shaad

Condorcet, Marx and the Philosophy of History
A comparison of the Marquis of Condorcet's and Karl Marx's views of a utopian future.
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This paper compares and contrasts the utopian visions of the Marquis of Condorcet and Karl Marx. The writer explains that they both present philosophies of history that are framed by "progress". However, Condorcet presents a linear vision of progress, whereas Marx bases his on the subtleties of the Hegelian dialectic. Condorcet believes that through the acquisition of knowledge man overcomes his rude beginnings, and thus begins to transcend himself. Marx, on the other hand, does not believe that human nature improves; only that the material conditions change, and that this change is according to material laws directed towards material progress. Both uphold determinism, and yet contradict themselves by projecting fervent ideology.

From the Paper:

"The intensity of the belief in progress held by the French philosophers hinted at a religion. Therefore it is not surprising that the movement culminated into the religion of Comtism, or Positivism, when Auguste Comte formalized the worship of rationalism and progress, with rituals and formal practices aping organized religion and matching it in intensity. Enthusiasm was the hallmark of the French philosophers, and they were religiously assiduous in the task of compiling knowledge and promoting the virtues of reason."

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