Colonization of America Comparison Essay by kaleighleigh

Colonization of America
An overview of Spain, France and England's conquests of South, Central and North America.
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The paper explores how Spain, France and England each colonized America on both a financial and religious basis. The paper looks at how Spain colonized mainly in South and Central America and were perhaps the most religiously motivated of all, France explored America based more on the economy factor than for religious reasons, while for England religion was a significant incentive in their colonization, but for different reasons than those of Spain. The paper discusses how the difference in approach that each country took to dealing with the native people already living in America significantly affected the development in those areas.

From the Paper:

"Christopher Columbus reportedly discovered America in 1492 while he was searching for a new route to the Indies. At this time Europe had just recently emerged from the Middle Ages, and was experiencing an age of enlightenment. The idea behind the enlightenment was that a better world could be built by human reason. Ideas of exploration, expansion, and colonization were finally commended, because they supported the movement of intellectual growth arising in this era. The developing logic of the Enlightenment allowed America to at last be acknowledged for all the economic opportunities that it held as well as the opportunities to spread religion and culture, develop military, and overall expand the European motherland. (Brians)"

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