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Civil War Art
This paper discusses civil war monuments and looks at how the populations of blacks and women are largely under represented in this regard.
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In this article, the writer discusses that civil war monuments historically have depicted the plight and struggle of white confederate male soldiers and generals pitted against white union male soldiers and generals. The writer looks at the most remarkable monuments that commemorate the contributions of two underrepresented but vital populations supporting the Civil War efforts... black soldiers and women. The writer explains that black soldiers and women fought just as diligently for the cause of the union as did white soldiers, however, historically their efforts have largely been under represented in modern civil war art. The writer discusses the monuments of the Spirit of Freedom and the Peace Monument at the Capitol in Ohio that help depict the burden and carnage that under represented populations faced during the Civil War era.

Women in the Civil War
African American's in the Civil War

From the Paper:

"Like women, black soldiers have also failed to receive the recognition white males have for their contributions and sacrifices to the civil war. This changed only recently when that nation's first memorial was erected commemorating black soldiers who fought in the Civil War for the Union. The monument, entitled the "Spirit of Freedom" honors the more than 200,000 black soldiers who fought in the Union. It features several black soldiers armed for battle "on land and at sea" . These soldiers like women often fought without recognition behind the scenes. Unlike white soldiers, African Americans often had to fight for their own freedom as well as for the preservation of the union, thus more so than traditional soldiers they should be recognized for their dedication and service. Civil War historians suggest that roughly 10& of union soldiers included African Americans, of which more than 1/3 died serving their cause. While white soldiers were freely commemorated, black union soldiers received relatively little recognition even after the war."

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