Christianity vs. Islam Worldwide Comparison Essay by Suzannah

Christianity vs. Islam Worldwide
A comparison of the histories, beliefs, and practices of Christianity and Islam.
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This paper addresses the similarities and differences between Christianity and Islam and examines how Islam is interpreted and/or practiced in different cultures. The paper discusses how despite the mass cry for democracy and universal human rights throughout the Muslim Diasporas, many countries are governed by Islamic regimes or autocratic governments that rule with an iron fist. The paper points out that there has been significant progress in Christian and Muslim relations but mainly within the Western world. The paper concludes that significant misunderstandings still exist and there will likely be a continued struggle for world peace.

History of Christianity and Islam
Similarities and Differences Between Christianity and Islam
How Islam is Interpreted and/or Practiced in Different Cultures

From the Paper:

"Although Christianity was founded in Palestine in approximately 30 AD, Christianity emerged as an influential religion during the reign of Constantine the Great (AD 306-337), who established Christianity as the Roman Empire's official religion. The early church, or Apostolic Church, was established by the disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ, especially Peter and Paul, who taught that Jesus was the Messiah as promised in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament). The Jews, however, vehemently denied this teaching, thus causing a deep schism between Christians and Jews from the very beginning.
"Like the Jews, Christians believe in the God of the Hebrew Scriptures, thus canonizing them along with the New Testament as the very words of God - or as being "God-breathed" texts. The essential message of Christianity is that Jesus Christ, the Jewish Messiah, was God in the flesh, who chose to humble himself and sacrifice his life on the cross in order to save humanity from its sin. While essentially a message of peace, as seen by teachings such as loving your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:34-39), the religion's history is filled with bloodshed and internal division."

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