Christianity and Islam Comparison Essay by scribbler

Christianity and Islam
A comparative analysis of the difference between Christianity and Islam with a focus on attitudes towards God and Allah.
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Published on Apr 04, 2013 in Religion and Theology (Islam) , Religion and Theology (Christianity)

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The paper examines the differences as well as similarities in beliefs amongst the two religions in an attempt to determine whether or not the God of Christianity is the same as Allah of Islam. The paper further examines the history of Christianity and Islam throughout their existences to come to a concrete conclusion. The paper also discusses key issues among the history of the two religions where there have been major disagreements.

Background on the Bible and the Quran
Isaac and Ishmael
Muslim Attitudes towards the Bible
Christian Attitudes towards the Quran
Christ and the Quran
The New Testament
The Path to Salvation
Future Relations between Christians and Muslims

From the Paper:

"The issue of being the chosen race dates all the way back to Abraham and two of his sons, Isaac and Ishmael. Christians have their version of who God chose and Muslims have their version of who Allah chose. The story of Isaac and Ishmael is familiar to most people no matter what religion they are. The basic belief of Christianity is that Abraham was the father of both. However, Arabs trace their roots to Abraham through Ishmael and Jews trace their roots to Abraham through Isaac. The book of Genesis tells us that Sarah was Abraham's wife and was barren so she offered her servant, Hagar to lie with her husband in order to bear him children. Hagar gave birth to a son who was named Ishmael. Sarah became jealous of Hagar causing her to flee into the wilderness. Sarah later bore Abraham a son and they named him Isaac. Christians believe that Isaac was the promised son of Abraham and thus would inherit all of the blessings. Muslims believe the same of Ishmael and this is a major source of discrepancy between Christians and Muslims."

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