Catholicism and Islam: A Comparison Comparison Essay by Nicky

Catholicism and Islam: A Comparison
A comaprison and contrast of the religions of Catholicism and Islam.
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The paper outlines the early years of Christianity and the Catholic Church and looks at Catholicism in the modern world. The paper then looks at the founding and religion of Islam and at the similarities and differences between Islam and Catholicism. The paper concludes that both Catholicism and Islam share more similarities than dissimilarities, particularly related to their belief in one all-powerful God and their devotion to the Holy Scriptures in the form of the Christian Bible and the Holy Quran.

From the Paper:

"As a major branch of Christianity, Roman Catholicism dates back to around 312 AD when the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and gave up all of his Roman pagan beliefs based on polytheism or the belief in more than one god. Constantine's so-called miraculous conversion to Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ heavily influenced other Romans to convert to this new religion and by the time of the edicts of Theodosius I in 380 AD, Christianity had become the official state religion of the Roman Empire, thus paving the way for the formation of the Holy Roman Empire.
"Between 312 and 337 A.D., Constantine ordered the building of numerous Christian churches and began to hand over the power of the church to the Bishop of Rome, a title which later became the Pontifex Maximus or the great pagan priesthood. It is because of this title that today's head of the Catholic church, being the pope, is known as the Pontiff, "the appointed civil head of the church," also called the Vicar of Christ and the Bishop of Bishops ("Roman Catholicism," 1997, Internet). Of course, after the formation of the Holy Roman Empire, Catholicism spread to all parts of Europe and the Roman Catholic Church, headed by the pope and based in the city of Rome, became the most powerful and influential religious entity in the known world."

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