Capitalism Vs Communism Comparison Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

A discussion on the pros and cons of capitalism and communism.
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Published on Dec 18, 2009 in Political Science (Communism) , Political Science (General)

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This paper takes a look at capitalism and communism and compares the two economic and social systems. The author defines communism and explains that although many viewed communism as a cruel system involving dictatorships and corrupt governments, most informed people these days see it as just another way of running a country. The paper comments that in a perfect world, a communist society would be a great place to live because everyone is paid the same and therefore nobody could feel superior to another human being, while also cautioning that this may come at the expense of basic human rights. The author compares this to the capitalist system where people put themselves first and strive to have more than others and discusses how an ideal situation could perhaps be reached.

From the Paper:

"Today, most informed people understand that communism is another way of running a country. The true theory behind Marxism is that everyone is equal; everyone would be fed, they would have health care (a touchy topic in America), and every other necessity for a good, healthy life would be fulfilled. So, what is the problem? Why are people so up in arms when the word "communism" is mentioned? A lot of the tension has to do with the question of freedom and equality and their relation to one another. Most right-wing philosophers believe that freedom and equality are not the same ideals - in fact, they suggest that they are conflicting."

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