Canadian versus American Policing Comparison Essay by ABCs

Canadian versus American Policing
A comparison of the nature of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force in Canada with policing in the United States.
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This paper compares and contrasts policing in America and Canada. It looks at the nature of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force in Canada as a national police force, compared to the U.S. which does not have a national police force. The paper concludes that policing in the United States and Canada are similar in some ways and yet are very different in others.

Table of Contents:
Policing in the United States
Prisons in the United States
Policing in Canada
Summary and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"According to the Justice Watchdog website, the United States "incarcerates more of its citizens than any other country of the world." (2007) Privatization of the prison system has created new incentives which result in private groups attempting to impact politics, politicians and laws passed down by the courts because the more prisoners needing a prison cell the more money the privatized penal system is able to collect. One of the largest market pools for private prison corporations are non-violent offenders and the large majority of these being drug offense which have mandatory minimum sentencing and which are the focus of longer sentencing terms than even for murder and other much more heinous crimes. Among the 37 states who have legalized prisoners being contracted for work are corporate stockholders who "have lobbied successfully for longer sentences, in order to expand their workforce." (Justice Watchdog, 2007)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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