"Burial at Thebes" and "Oedipus Rex" Comparison Essay by Nicky

A comparison of Seamus Heaney's "Burial at Thebes" with Sophocles' "Oedipus Rex".
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The paper shows how both Sophocles' "Oedipus Rex" and Heaney's "Burial at Thebes" revolve around themes of betrayal of family members. The paper points out the element of introspection in both plays and also notes that both plays demand that attention be paid to human actions. The paper explains, however, that the perspectives are very different; "Oedipus Rex" requires humans to respect the gods, but the more modern "Burial at Thebes" requires that humans respect each other.

From the Paper:

"The dramatic tragedies of Ancient Greece represent some of the most important and profound stories of Western Civilization. They have been retold many times over the millennia since the myths were first told, sometimes in very direct adaptations that retain much of the original story and intent of the earliest version, and often in new contexts and in almost unrecognizable forms. Seamus Heaney did not go this far in Burial at Thebes, his adaptation of Sophocles' Antigone, but his own interpretation of the classic (literally) story of Oedipus and the fallout of his tragic reign is still an intriguing and obviously modern telling of the story. Without changing any of the elements of the plot of this well known and often adapted story, Heaney manages to shift the focus and the themes of the play just slightly in order to enhance the plays relevance--already apparent in the original form--in these modern times. At times he takes certain liberties with the translation and adaptation, proving that art is never dead but rather that it must breathe, grow, and adapt along with the times that produce and view it."

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