Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Comparison Essay

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
A comparison of the backgrounds and reputations of Bill Gates of Microsoft and Stephen Jobs of Apple.
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Published on Jun 30, 2010 in Business (Companies) , Business (Management) , Computer and Technology (General)

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The paper describes how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs built their empires from polar opposite beginnings; Bill Gates was born with a silver spoon in his mouth while Steve Jobs never even graduated college. The paper then reveals that both Gates and Jobs are college drop outs, although their reasons for dropping out are monumentally different. The paper goes on to discuss how Gates has gained a reputation as a ruthless businessman, and his company was charged with abusing its market power to thwart competition. The paper further argues that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, that is considered as one of the largest philanthropic efforts in the world, invests in corporations that hurt the nations the foundation claims to help. The paper contrasts this to Steve Jobs who has a relatively flawless reputation.

From the Paper:

"Two men who dominate the computer world, and by dominate, no other names come close to their empires. Turn on the television. Open a newspaper. Walk down the street. And while walking, put the earphones to that iPod in. For God's sake, go on a computer! They are everywhere. No way to escape it. But there is no need to, and there should be no want. We need them. We need their masterpieces. These two men, each in their own right, have opened up thousands of possibilities for millions of people around the globe. Creation, innovation, and success. Three words familiar to both. But two of the greatest computer geniuses known to mankind, are so utterly and extensively unalike. The Einstein behind Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, and the mastermind behind Apple, Stephen Jobs, are the faces behind everything on the web. However, they each built their own domain, in their own way, starting from birth. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs arise from shockingly separate backgrounds, and although they both dropped out of college, the reasons are not comparable. Further, they each carved their own distinct and divergent paths of education and growth after a brief stint in "higher learning". And after they both hit it big, the public eye cast them in shining, opposing lights."

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