Bee Consciousness Comparison Essay

Bee Consciousness
A comparison of the research of Clive Wynne in "Do Animals Think?" and Donald Griffin in "Animal Minds" as to the thought processes and cognition in bees.
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Published on Apr 08, 2010 in Biology (Zoology)

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This paper examines the consciousness of honeybees, with particular emphasis on thought processes and cognition. It specifically examines the research of Donald Griffin in "Animal Minds" and Clive Wynne in"Do Animals Think?" and uses their arguments of the existence or non-existence, respectively, of bee consciousness to augment an argument either for or against animal consciousness in general.

From the Paper:

"The controversy over bee consciousness is very intriguing indeed. In my opinion, the two authors, Wynne and Griffin, agree on the level of thought in honeybees. What they disagree on is not the level of brain activity found in bees, but instead on the definition of the term consciousness. By the definition Griffin used, a computer should be considered conscious. By the definition Wynne uses, no animal other than humans should be considered conscious. Both authors give very strong details and support for their arguments, but I personally agree more with Wynne in his argument against bee consciousness. Simply because honeybees give directions to other bees, it does not mean they are conscious; my phone gives me directions when I am driving, and I would not consider it conscious. In the same example, simply knowing and conveying the status of some resource within the hive also does not demonstrate consciousness, as my phone 'knows' and can communicate to me my battery level, signaling to me I need to replenish it with that resource, in this case power. While I do not deny the fact that bees, and animals in general, think, I do not believe that honeybees are conscious beings."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Griffin, Donald R., Animal Minds, Chicago, 1994
  • Wynne, Clive D.L., Do Animals think? Princeton, 2004

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