Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Comparison Essay by KatiaK

Asperger's Syndrome and Autism
A review of Asperger's Syndrome and autism highlighting the differences between these two conditions.
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The paper states that Asperger's syndrome falls under the category of pervasive developmental disorders, and was first identified by Hans Asperger in 1944. The paper comments that autism is also a PDD, but is different and often more severe than Asperger's syndrome. Two researchers both identified the disorders in the 1940s, with Hans Asperger identifying what is now called Asperger's syndrome and Leo Kanner, an American, identifying what is now referred to as Kanner's autism. The paper discusses the disorders which are very similar, but yet are still different. It took many years before Asperger's syndrome was researched more thoroughly, as it was initially discounted due to Asperger's research occurring in Nazi Germany, and the seemingly similar topic to Kanner's research. Today the two disorders are separated in the DSM-IV.

History of Asperger's Syndrome
. - Hans Asperger
. - Leow Kanner
Differentiation of Asperger's from autism and other disorders
. - DSM-IV
. - ICD-10
. - Autism differences
. - Other disorders
Differentiation of Asperger's from Kanner's Autism
. - similarities
. - differences

From the Paper:

"In addition to peculiarities in the verbal component of the speech of his subjects, Asperger noted an oddness in the non-verbal aspects of communication. Although all of his subjects spoke fluently, he noted abnormalities in their communication, especially in the use of gaze to establish non-verbal contact in a conversation. He observed an abnormality of gaze, so that "hardly ever does their glance fix brightly on a particular object as a sign of lively attention and contact" and commented that this peculiarity in eye contact was particularly evident when they were in conversation with others."

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