Asian vs. American Management Styles Comparison Essay by Nicky

Asian vs. American Management Styles
A comparison of management styles in the U.S and Japan.
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The paper compares and contrasts American managers with Japanese managers. The paper identifies the differences in concepts of business ownership and general attitudes towards culture and heritage. The paper details specific differences in the styles of management and emphasizes that as the world moves into the future, managers must develop an understanding of different business models and international managerial styles.

Managerial Style and Productivity
The Hive Mindset
East Meets West
Breaking into a Closed Society

From the Paper:

"Japanese managerial systems highlight loyalty among top managers. This system has advantages and disadvantages. One of the key advantages is that Japanese managers become indoctrinated into Japanese managerial concepts such as total quality control systems and Just-In-Time manufacturing processes. They carry these procedures with them as they take control of a company branch in a foreign country. The Japanese firm does not have to teach someone who is not familiar with these concepts how to operate in an environment that is foreign to them. However, it also has drawbacks, such as the "bamboo ceiling" for host country managers (Belderbos & Heijltjes, 2005). Japanese firms will often fail to allow non-Japanese managers the same opportunities for advancement as Japanese managers (Belderbos & Heijltjes, 2005)."

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