"Antigone" and "Death of a Salesman" Comparison Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

"Antigone" and "Death of a Salesman"
A comparative analysis of the eternal nature of Sophocles' "Antigone" and Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman".
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This paper discusses how the stories of "Antigone" and "Death of a Salesman" both have currents that are relevant to this day. For "Antigone", the paper attempts to translate the story into a modern day setting and show that the battle of the rules of state versus those of a perceived higher power is quite real in the US today and expressed in a variety of issues. The paper then discusses how "Death of a Salesman" is drama which involves numerous aspects of life, including family, the role of dreams, aging, and ultimately death and how these are experiences common to all mankind, and thus universally applicable.

The Message of Antigone and Its Modern Incarnation
The Contemporary Eulogy to Death of a Salesman

From the Paper:

"Antigone by Sophocles is a tragic tale of competing values in regards to law, rules, and belief. It places Antigone against Creon, the daughter of the son-mother Oedipus relationship of legend, and the king of Thebes at the time. Creon came to rule due to the mutual murder of Antigone's two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices. They were to share rule with the former refusing to give up the throne when his time was up, thus resulting in their mutual deaths upon fighting. Given that Polyneices attacked the current king, he was perceived to have attacked Thebes, and thus was considered a traitor by Creon and was to be denied a proper burial. This upset Antigone and created their strain, that of the law of man, to the rule of the gods. "

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