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Ancient Roman Literature
A discussion of the worth of Roman literature and a comparison of the meter and themes of Roman literature to Greek literature.
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Published on Aug 13, 2008 in History (Greek and Roman) , Literature (Greek and Roman)

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This paper discusses the value of the works of the great Roman poets and prose authors. The paper specifically discusses how Roman literature and poetry is criticized because it lacks originality, being greatly indebted to the Greek texts. It describes the meter and themes of Roman literature and discusses how these, and even the mere details, are most of the times only imitations of the Greek writings.

From the Paper:

"Thus, Roman art can be characterized by the lack of spontaneity and speculative power. The Romans were a logical and practical people, usually engaged in political affairs or warfare. The greatest conquerors of the antiquity, the Romans were also the greatest civilizing power. Their systematic and disciplined spirit laid the foundations of the Western civilization. As it is obvious from the lyric, dramatic and epical works of the Roman writers, they Roman people was certainly not inclined to philosophy as the Greeks had been. Indeed, the only writer who can be said to have contributed meaningfully to the realm of antique philosophy is the multidimensional Cicero, who is the only Roman methodological philosopher: "Philosophy was not a natural growth at Rome: indeed, it was regarded by the average Roman with definite mistrust, and we hear that philosophers were banished from the city in 161 B. C....The Roman, essentially a man of action engaged in the practical business of war or politics, was not given to pausing on his way to reflect deeply on the nature of the world or the ultimate meaning of human life."(Bailey, 183) The Romans were thus less preoccupied with the ultimate meaning of the universe and of life, as the Greeks were, but rather with the world of action and human behavior. Usually associated with imitation rather than creation, Roman art had nevertheless its own force precisely through its absolute conformity to classicism."

Sample of Sources Used:

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