Ancient Egyptian Culture and Architecture Comparison Essay

Ancient Egyptian Culture and Architecture
A look at the influence of ancient Egyptian culture on modern culture, focusing on architecture.
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Published on Apr 18, 2004 in Architecture (Ancient) , History (Greek and Roman)

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This paper is a comparison between ancient Egyptian culture and more modern cultures. Comparisons are made with respect to the arts, architecture, cultural tradition, agriculture, art, religion, language, and several other areas.

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"Ancient Egyptian religion, though it was quite different from that of modern religion, has proven to be quite influential on modern society. Dating back as far as the fifth millennia BC, the period which was characterized by the development of the calender. The calender was important to religion because it was based on the documentation of religious feasts.1 The calendar eventually evolved into its present form but it was the early Egyptian version that became the basis of documenting time. The Egyptians, much like other cultures, believed in the existence of higher beings(Gods of the earth, air, and heavens).2 Much like the Egyptians, most modern day religions are all based on the worship of a spiritual presence, giving reason to believe that the study of Egyptian religion is what has influenced the worship of other God's throughout history. Another point to make about the influence of Egyptian religion is that religion was the central part of their lives for the most part,3 much like the way it is for people of the church and monks today. Other aspects of ancient Egyptian religion that can be viewed as influential could be the fact that they worshiped in temples,4 comparable to the churches and temples of today. A final point of interest with respect to ancient Egyptian religion is that they Visutskie 3 actually dealt with the idea of death and resurrection thousands of years before the Christians did with Jesus Christ. Egyptians actually celebrated the feast of Easter with the death, burial, and disappearance of their King, Osiris, on a Friday, and to celebrate his resurrection three days later, on the Sunday. The Christian celebration of Easter is, in fact, an exact replica of the Egyptian Easter with respect to time, details, theme, and objective.5 Aside from religion, perhaps the most influential part of Egyptian culture on modern culture is that of the architecture."

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