Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan Comparison Essay by litsa

Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan
A comparison of two great rulers, showing Alexander to be the greater of the two.
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Published on Jul 08, 2001 in History (Greek and Roman) , History (Asian) , History (Leaders) , History (Religion) , History (General)

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This paper is a discussion of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan as the greatest rulers of all time, arguing that Alexander the Great was the greater ruler. It compares and contrasts the empires of both. The armies and military strategies of the two are also discussed.

From the Paper:

"Both men developed large empires and although Genghis' empire was larger, Alexander's proved to be more influential to civilizations and empires to come. Alexander had inherited his throne from his father Philip of Macedonia in 356BC at the age of 20. He continued in his father's campaign to rid Greece of the Persians, but he did not stop there. In the span of four years he had conquered all of Persia. By the time of his death, his empire spanned from the Adriatic Sea to India. His main objective was to create a common cultural exchange throughout the world. Due to the extensive trade routes in highly populated areas of that time, he was able to achieve his goal. He succeeded in establishing Greek as the universal language and was able to pass the Greek culture to other countries."

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