A Cultural View of Premarital Sex Comparison Essay by Nicky

A Cultural View of Premarital Sex
Compares, using universalistic assumptions, the modern views of Western and East Asian cultures on premarital sex.
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This paper reviews empirical and discursive articles to compare the modern cultural and ethnic views on premarital sex in Western cultures, such as United States, Sweden and Turkey, and East Asian cultures, such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, China and Korea. These views are the result of socio-historical specificities and other social forces.The paper relates that both cultural groupings are open to premarital sex; however, the timelines of the emergence of these modern liberal views are different. The author underscores that cultural beliefs about premarital sex are bi-directional in relationship to the society and individuals.

Table of Contents:
Some Conceptual Clarifications
Data Presentation
Premarital Sex: Western Cultural Views
Premarital Sex Trends
On Social Institutions
Premarital Sex in Other Western Nations
Premarital Sex: East Asian Cultural Views
Sexual Revolution in China, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan
On Similarities and Differences
A Macro and Micro Sociological View on Premarital Sex

From the Paper:

"In terms of differences, we believe that lies strongly on the fact that sexual revolution occurred at different phases of the broader context of social history, i.e. liberal ideas on premarital sex occurred way earlier in Western societies than in East Asian societies, which is why a causal relationship between the two societies have been consistently pointed out by East Asian social scientists as you may have noticed a while ago. If the Western society has already adopted open views on premarital sex in as early as 1930s in which they have managed to strengthen these views in 1960s, most East Asian countries have stated to adopt such liberal views only fairly recently."

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