A Comparison of Revolutions Comparison Essay

A Comparison of Revolutions
Compares the American, English, and French Revolution, covering 6 major factors of revolution.
# 2184 | 2,230 words | 7 sources | 2001 | US

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This essay compares the American, English, and French Revolutions. In doing so, the author examines the leaders of these revolutions and their motives. He also looks into the history behind the forces that drove the people to revolt in each case. With much discussion of military conflicts, consequences and societal impact of the revolts both before and after.

From the Paper:

"The American Revolution was started by people with strength and hope. The Americans were heavily taxed by the British without having any representation in government, and British troops were brought in to prevent rebellion. People like Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Paine favored independence from the British and inspired many people to follow them, even though to more than half the colonists the idea of war was worse than British rule. Samuel Adams was a Harvard graduate and a master politician who constantly pushed for a confrontation with British authority. As a delegate to the Virginia Legislature, Patrick Henry advocated the repeal of the Stamp Act and in 1775 called for the use of Virginia's militia against England, comparing British rule to slavery for colonists. Thomas Paine published a pamphlet called "Common Sense" pointing out that colonists should separate from a repressive government; over 500,000 colonists bought the pamphlet and it inspired them to remain loyal to the revolution."

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