A Childcare Systems Comparison: France and U.S. Comparison Essay by sayecheese

A Childcare Systems Comparison: France and U.S.
A comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the French and U.S. childcare systems.
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This paper examines the fundamental differences in the systems of childcare provided to working parents in the United States and in France. The paper explains the basic laws pertaining to the rights of working parents, descriptions of varying childcare arrangements available in each country, and the level of educational content emphasized in each arrangement. The paper also discusses the history of working families and childcare arrangements in the United States and in France, for the purpose of evaluating how each system is ingrained in the culture. The paper concludes that the United States is capable of providing a much more family-friendly system than is currently in place.

France: Laws
France: Childcare
United States: Laws
United States: Childcare
Funding Comparison
History - Viewpoints and Trends
The Hidden System

From the Paper:

"The United States, like most other cultures and societies around the world, is vulnerable to ethnocentric feelings which may prevent change in some of its established systems. I believe this to be true in the case of our childcare system today. In concert with our desire for low government "interference" in our lives, our in ability to see the importance of a universally available, nationally sponsored childcare system hinders the path to improved education and quality care for our country's youngest citizens. By comparison, the social programs of European nations like France, though they place a high tax burdens on the people, display much more of a commitment both to quality care and to the future educational achievements of the young. What is puzzling is that, in the midst of debate in the U.S. about ways to improve childcare without turning into a socialist government, there lies an alternative - run by the very government that refused to get involved in childcare for education's sake for generations - which has proven that a good system run by federal standards can be launched and run successfully in under 20 years. This system is in place and running silently within our nation's Department of Defense, serving the children of those who serve our country on military bases worldwide."

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