WWI and the Vietnam Wars Cause and Effect Essay by write123

WWI and the Vietnam Wars
An analysis of how WWI and the Vietnam Wars influenced the changes in America.
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The paper discusses the manner in which WWI, WWII and the Vietnam Wars have changed America. The paper discusses how the wars changed society, how these changes were resisted and what the long term domestic results of the wars were on America. The paper places emphasis not on the conflicts themselves but on the evolving and lasting changes they each had upon society, politically, culturally and economically. The paper looks at each war chronologically and discusses aspects of domestic change. An annotated bibliography is included with the paper.

From the Paper:

"The period preceding the entrance of the US into WWI was a period known as the progressive era, the era was marked with demonstrative social change regarding the individual. Many changes were in progress and the general feeling of progressive thinkers was of social peace and individual prosperity and social service networks to support those in the economy who could not do so given the current state of employment, an often low paid sporadic and difficult condition. Political isolation also marked the day with a strong sense of independence and self realization. The progressive era was in direct response to the extreme disparity seen in class divisions associated with the industrial revolution."

Sample of Sources Used:

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