World Wars I and II Cause and Effect Essay

World Wars I and II
A discussion of the cause and effects of both World Wars I and II.
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This paper examines how the causes of World War I and World War II were not one cataclysmic event but were a multitude of causes that basically derived from Nationalism and Imperialism. It shows how these two factors led to the turmoil in Europe and growing tensions and how the outbreak of World War II is an indirect link to the ending of World War I, which led to many years of chaos in Europe. It analyzes how the resulting economic depressions were a cascade of many more economic issues that Europe and America still face today and how the most radical affect was the Cold War, a war that plagued fear upon the American population for forty five years.

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"The first cause of World War II was the intense anger over the Versailles Treaty. This Treaty was signed on June 28, 1919 and basically held Germany responsible for creating this world war. The Versailles Treaty ordered that Germany pay for all the damages that the Allies and their governments endured as a result of this war. Germany was then ordered to cut their army down to 100,000 soldiers, as well as their navy, and do away with their air-force. Germany was also angry that their territory had to be reduced as well. The territory of Alsace and Lorraine was ceded by France and certain sections of Prussia went to present day Poland. Germany felt that this treaty was "dictated peace" and they proceeded to refuse this treaty. In doing so, the future affects would be another war. "

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