Why did the Tsarist regime Survive 1905? Cause and Effect Essay by wilb

Why did the Tsarist regime Survive 1905?
An examination of the causes of the 1905 revolution in Russia, how close it came to success, and the reasons for its failure.
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This essay argues that the Russian revolution of 1905 was a protest against the Tsar's refusal to make political concessions, and that once the concessions were given, the revolution was doomed to failure. It argues that the opposition was disorganized and not united in its objectives, and that generally the people of Russia still revered the Tsar, despite his faults.

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"On 9 January 1905, a worker's procession in St Petersburg calling for social and political reform was fired upon by panicked troops and two hundred people were killed. A resultant wave of strikes and protests across the country threatened to overthrow the monarchy; indeed, as most of the army was engaged in the war against Japan, the Tsar had little protection. Opposition to the Tsar had been building up for many years, and was made up of a broad range of political groups, including peasants and workers, moderates and revolutionaries, liberals and socialists."

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