Tornadoes and the Damage they Cause Cause and Effect Essay by writingsensation

Tornadoes and the Damage they Cause
This paper analyzes the impact of atmospheric phenomenons while primarily focusing on the causes and effects of tornadoes.
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The writer of this paper introduces, discusses and analyzes the effects of tornadoes, one of the deadliest atmospheric conditions known to man. This paper also details the event of May 30, 1998 in which a tornado hit the small town of Spencer, North Dakota. This paper examines the differences between tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones. Tornadoes differ from hurricanes in that they form over land, while hurricanes form over water. This paper explores how tornadoes develop as well as the atmospheric conditions that must occur to form tornadoes, including vast thermal instability, high humidity and the meeting of warm, moist air at low levels with cooler, drier air above. The writer also examines a recent trend, called storm chasing which has become a popular, recreational sport. Professional storm chasers include meteorologists and scientists who study storms to try to discover how to predict them earlier and understand just how they form.

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"The National Weather Service (NWS) does have certain criteria that indicate certain weather patterns that spawn tornadoes. When these patterns occur, the NWS does issue "tornado watches," which can be upgraded to tornado warnings if the conditions persist or intensify. A warning tells people that a tornado may be imminent and they should take shelter immediately. Experts recommend that small, interior rooms are the best for shelter in the event of a tornado. Basements are good, but people should stay away from windows in any part of the house. Hiding under a heavy piece of furniture can also be a good idea. People are more educated about tornadoes than they were, and so they are better at protecting themselves when tornadoes strike. Many large cities have underground tornado shelters that help save many lives each year."

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