The War of 1812: Its Causes and Effects Cause and Effect Essay by scribbler

The War of 1812: Its Causes and Effects
A review of the causes and effects of the American War of 1812.
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Published on Jun 04, 2013 in History (War of 1812)

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The paper looks at the causes of the War of 1812 and then examines its consequences and their implications for the U.S., Great Britain, and other world powers. The paper discusses how although the War of 1812 may be the forgotten war in American history, the defeat of Great Britain's economic and military might for a second time left the U.S in a position of strength and with a greater role in global affairs.

Causes of War
Consequences of War

From the Paper:

"America's "second war of independence" (Langguth, A.J. 2006) had three primary causes: the impressment of American sailors, the British trade and embargo and blockade of U.S ports, and the "incitement of Native American's to violence against Americans" ( 2011), particularly in the Northwest Territories and into Canada.
"The impressment of U.S. sailors by the British, "the practice of forcibly inducting
men into military service" (U.S. N.D.) had occurred intermittently since the end of the revolutionary war and had not been stopped even with the signing of the Jay Treaty in 1795 (Langguth, A.J. 2006). The impressment issue however, was forced into the American consciousness on June 22, 1807 when an American frigate, the USS Chesapeake was fired upon, crippled, and boarded by sailors from the British ship, the Leopard; resulting in the seizure of four American sailors and an ignominious humbling for the young nation (Langguth, A.J. 2006). "At that moment, the nation's fury might have supported immediate war with Britain, but President Jefferson preferred to follow the lead of Washington and Adams in not challenging a European power" (Langguth, A.J. 2006). The incident continued to bubble and expand the fury of American citizens through the end of Jefferson's second term and into Madison's first."

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