The Obesity Epidemic: Can We Stop It? Cause and Effect Essay by Nessa

The Obesity Epidemic: Can We Stop It?
A look at the obesity epidemic and ways of preventing it.
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This paper takes a look at the risk and complications that obesity, now prevalent in most modern societies may bring. Causes of obesity such as genetics and individual behavior are discussed as well as prevention methods such as healthy eating and regular physical activity. The author explains that as weight loss is more difficult to achieve and maintain in adulthood, prevention and treatment in childhood and adolescence is essential.


From the Paper:

"The impact of obesity is major in modern societies. Damage to every organ system has been documented. Overweight and the various factors that cause it increase the risk for the leading causes of death. There are also complications such as high blood pressure and increased risk for type 2 diabetes. Therefore efforts should be made for obesity prevention. Governments should implement policy change to regulate food consumption; a balance of energy should also be maintained. The main issue is: large amount of excess of weight gain to be stopped."

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