The Major Causes of School Shootings Cause and Effect Essay by Peter Pen

The Major Causes of School Shootings
A look at the causes behind school shootings in the US and the parental role in possible prevention.
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This paper examines the incidents that have taken place over the past years in which hundreds of children have become fatal victims of school shootings, discussing several factors that commonly take blame for these incidents. The paper also highlights the fact that parents becoming more involved in their offspring lives could help notice any alarming signs.

From the Paper:

"With so many guns available 'on the streets,' getting one is not an issue for most of the teenagers. What is even more troubling though are the guns kept at home, unlocked, loaded and ready to be used. In fact, according to National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health those "children who [are] able to get ahold of guns at home [are] more likely to behave violently" in the future (Nemecek 15). What adds to such probability even more is the fact that some of the shooting ranges al low children as young as ten to shoot, as long as they are accompanied by their parents. In his article "The World of Guns and Doom," Andrew Phillips recalls the conversation he had with a manager of one of the gun stores in northern Virginia. Not only did Phillips find out that young children were allowed to shoot, he was also amazed to hear most of them already knew how to aim. When asked about a possible explanation for such an observation, the manager put the violent video games at fault. The unique experience of being a shooter behind the weapon in those games allows young players to practice their shooting skills 'on screen' and then do much better in the real world (24)."

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