The Globalization of Mexico Cause and Effect Essay by Champ

The Globalization of Mexico
This paper discusses the effects of globalization on the United Mexican States (Mexico).
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This paper explains that intense collaboration between the Mexican companies and government and foreign investors has led to an extension of Mexico's international relationships, a more liberalized free market and a sustained process of globalization. The author stresses that Mexico's highly industrialized regions have enjoyed the attraction of a wide range of foreign investors, which significantly improved the quality of work and life in these regions; however, those regions, which are not industrialized and do not attract investors, have been left behind. The paper stresses that the most severe criticism brought against globalization is that it contributes to a uneven income distribution and the deepening gap between northern and southern Mexico, problems that existed long before NAFTA and globalization.

Table of Contents:
Economic Background
Globalization in Mexico
Economic Effects
Beneficial Effects
Creation of Jobs
Profit Distribution
Increased Living Standards
Negative Effects

From the Paper:

"Prior to the elections of 1994, soon to be former Mexico President, Carlos Salinas, implemented economic policies that were meant to drive the Mexican economy towards neo-liberalism and globalization. But a large part of the population disagreed with the new policies and, represented by the ELZN (Zapatista Army of National Liberalization), organized both violent and non-violent rebellions against the government. These rebellions, the already declining Mexican economy, investors' decreased interest and trust in an unstable economic climate, high levels of corruption and financial authorities' refusal to devalue the national currency peso threw the country in an economic crisis."

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