The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Children Cause and Effect Essay by Bloc

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Children
A look at how sleep deprivation in children can lead to behavioral problems and possibly attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
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This paper discusses sleep deprivation in children and refers to studies conducted on the topic. The paper states that children with insufficient sleep showed a lower performance on tests associated with complex tasks as well as a significant correlation between sleep quality and neuro-behavioral functioning. The paper states that these children also had a higher rate of behavioral problems as reported by their parents. The paper continues by relating that there is a relationship linking ADHD with poor sleep since daytime symptoms of insufficient sleep in children overlap with those of ADHD. The paper questions the primary problem and further asks whether ADHD results in behavioral and other sleep disorders, or do primary sleep disorders result in ADHD? The paper concludes that a thorough evaluation of the problem and a treatment plan is required.

From the Paper:

" One study suggests that preteens are not getting enough sleep to meet their daily physical and mental needs. This comes from a study of 140 Israeli students in grades two, four, and six. The results show that sleep onset time in second grade was more that one hour earlier than that in sixth grade. The sixth graders reported increased morning drowsiness compared with those of the younger grades. The researchers state the reason for the later sleep onset time is not due to their physiological needs as much as psychosocial reasons. They have increased school demands, a need to feel more like adults by having a more active night life, and there are incentives to stay up later like late-night television shows and internet surfing. The study also links poor sleeping habits with lower maternal education, and adds family stress, illness, and emotional turmoil to the causes."

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