Teenage Pregnancy Cause and Effect Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Teenage Pregnancy
A discussion of the rising rate of teenage pregnancy, its causes and its problems.
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This paper discusses three major factors, among others, that are contributing to the recent rise in the number of teenage pregnancies, namely, the media, pop culture, and parents. The writer explains how the media and pop culture cause attitudes and values to develop that may lead to, and even glamorize, teen pregnancy. Meanwhile, the growth of non-traditional families, such as single parent families and parents with open relationships, and parental involvement, or the lack thereof, also play a significant part in affecting teenage sexual activity. Other crucial issues, such as teenage gangs, poverty, and how children of teen parents grow up, need to be investigated.

From the Paper:

"Premarital sex is now simply a given in pop culture. The days are over when teens are sent away to live with Aunt Sally or are forced to give their babies up or forced into early marriage. There are even schools made up of entirely of teenage mothers. In this way, all women have more control over their reproductive fates, including teenagers. In fact, teenagers have seen firsthand the trend of waiting until older ages to have children. Their moms may have waited. They may not want to be old parents. They want to be young and glamorous parents, like the tabloids show them they can be."

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