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Technological Transformation
An essay looking at the impact of technology on the world and, in particular, on America..
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The paper relates that technology has a significant impact on the social, economic and political makeup of the world. The paper continues and highlights the various technological advances over the last few years and describes what their impact has been on the world in general and American society in particular.

From the Paper:

"From a social standpoint, Americans started to become dependent on these machines that made life easier. Increasing numbers of people began living in the cities instead of on farms. Closer living arrangements, unfortunately led to epidemics. According to Wilentz (79), domestic service was also transformed. Hired help, as a domestic servant was called, had been a traditional worker in New England local communities. After the mid-1800s, a larger number of these workers were hired for the labor market, and service became a low-paid job. This "bastardization of craft," as Wilentz calls it, eliminated the traditional world of craft workers and apprentices and radically changed the way products were made."

Sample of Sources Used:

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