Psychological Implications of Child Abuse Cause and Effect Essay by Master Researcher

Psychological Implications of Child Abuse
An overview of child abuse and the implications it has for a child's psychological and emotional development.
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This paper examines the psychological implications of child abuse. It attempts to explain the problem of child abuse, identify factors that generate child abuse and explore the effects of child abuse on development. The paper reports that the United States Department of Health and Human Services contends that a variety of signs may be evident in a child that lives in an abusive environment. For the educator key signs of abuse may include injuries that are reported to the parent but that are left untreated for no apparent reason (Recognizing sec. 2). The child might display a sudden lack of interest in school coupled with the inability to complete assignments or provide homework in a customary fashion.

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"Child abuse has many terrible implications on a child's development. Several explanations of human development have been given through history to understand human behavior. Inside these diverse development concepts, psychology plays an outstanding part. These explanations recognize and explain the processes by which human beings, from a biological base, will undertake a road that will be good for them to reach maturity. Specific Objectives: * To explain the problem of child abuse * To identify the factors that generate child abuse. * To explore the effects of child abuse on development. A child needs to interact with his environment and in this way to establish a good quality of life, that is to say, the necessary conditions so the human being can reach a state that allows him to mature and adapt in a natural way and in reciprocity with his environment. For that reason when the conditions of the quality of..."

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