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Powerful International Organizations
An analysis of the impact of the political and economic alliance between powerful international organizations and conservative-controlled governments.
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This paper analyzes the negative political impact that large powerful organizations can have. It describes the cycle of corruption, oppression and turmoil that produces terrorism, which in turn generates reactionary policies in the United States which are detrimental to democracy. Specifically, the paper looks at the consequences of the political and economic alliance between powerful international organizations and conservative-controlled governments.

From the Paper:

"The stark truth is that globalization is harmful to hundreds of millions of people around the world, and has produced destructive political blowback in the form of terrorism, dangerous instability and escalating violence in the Middle East, alarming restrictions on civil liberties in the United States, the outsourcing of millions of jobs in order to exploit cheap labor in Third World countries, and the degeneration of America's political system into an Orwellian system in which lies are peddled as the truth and the truth is degraded as lies.
"One of the biggest lies is that globalization benefits everyone. Monopoly capitalist dominance over the world's economy through globalization threatens to condemn undeveloped nations to permanent subservience and endless poverty. Under such conditions, it is hypocritical for the IMF to call for debt relief when the debts are conditioned on the very same economic policies that exacerbates indebtedness throughout the Third World. (Bull 261-263)"

Sample of Sources Used:

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