Origins of WWII in the Pacific Cause and Effect Essay

Origins of WWII in the Pacific
A look at three views for the cause of the outbreak of WWII in the Pacific.
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Different views on the causes of the Second World War in the Pacific. The author discusses three possibilities for the outbreak of the war: Roosevelt?s hard-lined advisors with their harsh policies towards Japan were responsible for the outbreak of war, that the situation in Russia defined American policies in the Pacific and therefore caused the outbreak of war and that the war was caused by Japan breaking the Washington Conference system.

From the Paper:

"Many people today believe that Franklin D. Roosevelt was alone responsible for the outbreak of war in the Pacific against Japan in 1941. Many historians contest this view. There were many causes for the start of World War II in the Pacific but no one person is to blame. In an essay by Akira Iriye, ?Clash of Systems: The International Community Confronts Japanese Aggression,? he says the overall situation in Asia caused the war and not F.D.R. in particular. In another essay by Hosoya Chihiro, ?Miscalculation & Economic Sanctions: U.S. Hardliners Ensure War with Japan,? states that Roosevelt was not responsible for this war but his advisors were. In an essay by Waldo Heinrichs, ?Roosevelt's Global Perspective: The Russian Factor in Japanese-American Relations,? in which he states that Roosevelt had policies against Japan so they would not invade the Soviet Union. There were many factors that led to war in the Pacific but there is no central cause."

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