Nutrition Education Program Cause and Effect Essay by Natalie

Nutrition Education Program
A look at the sharp increase in the number of people who have fallen prey to chronic obesity,what are the causes of this problem and how it affects adults mainly in the rural communities in the U.S.A.
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Published on Dec 24, 2008 in Medical and Health (Nutrition and Exercise) , Nutrition (General)

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This paper discusses the causes and effects of chronic obesity and how one can take steps to reverse this trend. The paper mainly discusses chronic obesity in the United States of America and concentrates on the rural communities. Specifically, the paper presents a special funding program that centers on educating sedentary adults aged thirty to forty-five residing in rural southern communities, on the risks and options pertaining to obesity. This project is entitled "Learning the Way towards Physical Fitness."This paper also includes figures.

Background of the problem
Role of funding

From the Paper:

"In addition to health problems, chronic obesity has an economic burden. It is reported that the United States healthcare expenditures spends approximately 117 billion dollars on obesity related issues. More specifically, this burden is apparently felt more in the Southern and rural communities. Perhaps this is due to highly impovished neighborhoods where there is lack of access to healthcare, social support and education, all of which are influenced by socioeconomic status. Individuals who reside in rural areas are more affluent to eating improper foods and having sedentary lifestyles than individuals in rural areas due to culture norms. People who reside in low income residential communities are incapable of utilizing their primary source of medical care or public health services because of location and income. It may be difficult to reach clinics and hospitals provided due to time and transportation; therefore these individuals do not seek the adequate care needed to fight obesity leading to higher rate of obesity in one community than the next. People who are illiterate are often times unaware of dietary regiments, treatment choices and exercise habits needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle and obesity related knowledge. Moreover, considering that this population needs assistance in dealing with chronic obesity, this project could make a difference in the quality of life and can open the eyes of millions to the different possibilities available for reversing the obesity epidemic, which is pivotal."

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