NAFTA's Effects on Mexico and the U.S. Cause and Effect Essay

NAFTA's Effects on Mexico and the U.S.
A research paper on the impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement, (NAFTA) on Mexico and the United States.
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The paper examines the economic effects of NAFTA on Mexico and the United States, as well as the various unforeseen negative side effects that arose from the treaty. The paper looks at the rate of Mexican exports sent to the United States before and after the implementation of NAFTA, as well as the flight of U.S. auto manufacturing jobs to Mexico and NAFTA's unforeseen effects on the textile industry. The paper also shows how Mexican industry has suffered and how there has been a soaring rate of illegal immigration to the United States. The paper concludes that NAFTA's unforseen consequences have combined with the continually emerging global market to negate many of the treaty's most anticipated benefits.

From the Paper:

"Economic relations between the United States and Latin America have a long and storied history. Ever since America's emergence in the early Twentieth century as a global economic power, the nation has sought to fulfill the role of an economic "big brother" to Latin America. During the mid Twentieth century, the United States attempted to garner favor among Latin American governments with programs like the Alliance of Progress, which pushed the United States' neoliberal economic policies onto Mexico and other governments by providing American cash to promote industrialization and economic growth within these emerging nations. These policies were designed to stabilize and grow Latin American economies in order to create viable regional trading partners for the United States."

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