Los Angeles Riots Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Essay by write123

Los Angeles Riots Cause and Effect
An analysis of the cause and effects of the Los Angeles Riots.
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The paper elucidates the reasons for the Los Angeles riots and discusses the causes and underlying principles. The acquittal of the three police officers of the beating of Rodney King is stated as being one of the main triggers of these riots but, as the paper discusses at length, there were also many other social and political causes. The paper recognizes that there remains a deeply-rooted resentment felt by African Americans because of socio-political and economic inequity.

From the Paper:

"Comparing the 1965 Watts Riots and the 1992 Rodney King Riots, there are several coincidental (?) parallels. Both instance involved white Anglo police officers; there was an African-American motorist as the victim, and there was a beating that occurred on an African-American. Rodney King and Marquette Frye, instead on being suspects in a traffic violation, became "martyrs" in the eyes of the African-American community. Especially with the Rodney King affair, he became the symbol of political, social and economic oppressions faced by African-Americans not only in the Los Angeles area but the United States too. To make matters worse, the 1992 riots were "purposefully defined this civil disorder as a rebellion, as opposed to a riot, because of the gaping disparity in economic opportunity and in treatment by the criminal justice system of poor residents in South-Central Los Angeles, the site of the conflagration (Watts, 2003). Feeling always the underdog with repressive laws, neighborhood segregation, disparity in income and outright disgust for the color of their skin by the Anglos, African-Americans went on a rampage to vent all the pent-up anger within. "In other situations, the anger and frustration was expressed by pulling white motorists from cars and trucks and brutally beating and kicking them. In one such case, Reginald Oliver Denny, was pulled from his truck as he stopped to prevent hitting looters who filled the street."

Sample of Sources Used:

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