Hydrogen Sulfide as a Treatment for Hypertension Cause and Effect Essay

Hydrogen Sulfide as a Treatment for Hypertension
A paper about the therapeutic potential of hydrogen sulfide as a treatment for hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions.
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This paper looks at new studies that have shown that hydrogen sulfide (H2S) decreases blood pressure in mice and is vital for cardiovascular health. Thus, novel treatment options for both hypertension and various other cardiovascular conditions could come from H2S related drugs. The writer explains how H2S is synthesized and describes an experiment showing that mice who were genetically produced without the gene encoding one of the enzymes that synthesize H2S had blood pressure significantly higher than wildtype mice. Mice deficient in H2S that were injected with intravenous bolus injections of NaHS, which is a H2S donor under physiological conditions, showed a decrease in blood pressure. The paper concludes that further studies need to be done in order to assess the various therapeutic applications H2S offers.

From the Paper:

"Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a colorless, flammable, water-soluble gas that has the distinct smell of rotten eggs. H2S has generally been thought of as an extremely toxic gas and as an environmental hazard, but recent studies have shown that a considerable amount of H2S can be detected throughout the human body and that it is used as a signaling molecule for various physiological functions. H2S is classified as a gasotransmitter, a gaseous messenger molecule synthesized in the body that is involved in a signaling process. H2S dilates blood vessels both in vitro and in vivo, while opening ATP-sensitive K+ channels in vascular smooth muscle. The new discovery of H2S as a gasotransmitter that acts as a physiologic vasorelaxant has sparked an interest in possible therapeutic applications."

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