Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries Cause and Effect Essay

Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries
Looks at the role of foreign direct investment (FDIs) in the improvement of economic conditions of Africa and India.
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This paper relates that foreign direct investment (FDIs) are a determining factor in the economic growth of any region; however, certain countries are more able to attract FDIs. Next, the author examines the successes of FDI in India, which have jump-started India's GDP to one of the largest in the developing world. Despite political challenges, the lure of its natural resources also rapidly is making African countries a prime market. The paper underscores that not only do FDIs prevent financial crisis but also there is a correlation between the improvement in the quality of life of children in poor nations with the introduction of FDIs in that region. This paper contains a figure.

From the Paper:

"Many critics question why the advantages of FDIs were not so apparent in the first place. The answer lies in the advent of globalization. In the past, globalization was a concept only. Its recent emergence has led to many reforms and changes in the way business and economics are run these days. Globalization paved the way for many novel ideas that were in the past, considered wishful thinking. FDIs were among such concepts, idealized on paper, but not applicable to the real world. International FDIs have proven to be one of the single most supporters of the concept itself, and it has all happened with the emergence of the concept of globalization."

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