"Effect Then Cause?" Cause and Effect Essay

"Effect Then Cause?"
This paper studies the implications of Faster Than Light (FTL) signaling for the principle of causality.
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Published on Feb 11, 2003 in Physics (Astrophysics) , Physics (Relativity)

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This paper is a trans-relativistic analysis by the author to attempt at reconciling the paradoxical causality implications, ramifications and consequences of "Faster Than Light (FTL) Signaling". The author's key objective is to break the "institutionalist hold" over physics by the STL Guardianship. It is argued that there is a need for a "greater" relativity theory. This paper has several scientific diagrams and comes to many conclusions regarding these theories.

From the Paper:

"As "The Principle Of Causality" argues; our world (or universe) wouldn't make much sense if it were just a jumble of events leading nowhere and having no purpose. And our reality certainly proves that this is not the case. But now, physicists must deal with "a new reality": a broken Spacetime Speed Barrier (and possibly a paradigm shift). Even though skepticism about the "break-through-value" of this (Wang's) research is the obvious first issue to be dealt with, the question I ask is this: what would be "the ramifications of the pinnacle break-through"; the realization of FTL signaling? This question radiates thru my consciousness: Does "FTL" data from Lijun Wang's research really give credence to the notion that information can jump forward in time? If not, time will tell (no pun intended). But if so, this would suggest that The Theory Of Relativity needs to be "re-thought and reworked" for it to be reconciled with "a new tenet of 21st Century Physics": Superluminal Spacetime Physics. This focused omposite theoretic is my first attempt at speculative theoretical reconciliation of one aspect of the overall (FTL) issue: Paradoxical Trans-Relativistic Causality*."

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