Clouds and the Greenhouse Effect Cause and Effect Essay by Master Researcher

Clouds and the Greenhouse Effect
A look at the different possible effects that clouds can have on the greenhouse effect.
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This paper discusses the effect that clouds have on the greenhouse effect. The paper is written as if it were discussing the opinions of three groups of scientists. The first group believes that clouds counteract the greenhouse effect; the second says they make it worse and the last don't know.

From the Paper:

"The greenhouse effect is one of the least understood environmental problems. Most people think of the greenhouse effect in negative terms. However, it must be realized that the greenhouse effect is essential for life of earth. For example, in A Green History of the World Clive Ponting states, Without greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to trap outgoing terrestrial infra-red radiation, the average temperature on the earth would be about -18 degrees Celsius and too cold for life. These gases primarily carbon dioxide and methane, maintain the temperature at about 15 degrees Celsius (Ponting, 1991, p. 387)."

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