Causes Of World War I Cause and Effect Essay by The Research Group

Causes Of World War I
Discusses anti-democratic factors.
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Discusses anti-democratic factors. Democratic ethos. Issue of national self-determination. Fear of imperialist domination by the Central Powers. Policital process; lack of political participation. Impact of European anarchists. Impetus towards war of policy makers. Attack-based war strategy. Democratic sttes resistance to military action. Democratic nation-state equivocation. Power policitcs. Gamesmanship of Britain and Europe.

From the Paper:

"One of the most easily made arguments in favor of the view that World War I could have been avoided if all belligerents were democracies is the historical record: It was not, and they were not, and those facts help explain why the war came about. This was a period in which democracy had not exactly won the war of ideas among Europe's rulers or the institutions of European governance. It has also been said that communism, the antidemocratic ideology that supplanted absolute monarchy in Europe where constitutional democracies did not and that survived the Great War for most of the 20th century, nevertheless itself eventually fell to "the superior strength of a rival body of ideas, free-market democracy, which was powerful enough to hold together the 16 countries of the West's alliance through all the ..."

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