Causes of Obesity in Children Cause and Effect Essay by Nicky

A look at the causes of juvenile obesity.
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The paper explores recent research on juvenile obesity and argues that several different factors can contribute to this phenomenon. The paper discusses the genetic components to obesity but notes that this alone cannot explain the large increase in the number of obese children in recent years. The paper then addresses the issue of lifestyle that includes the eating of 'junk food', overeating and the lack of exercise.

Main Points expanded

From the Paper:

"It is also reported that these figures have been on the increase in recent years. What many studies emphasize is that while obesity in general is increasing the highest and most dramatic increase has been among children and young people. For example, one study found that obesity among young children is "...the most common prevalent nutritional disorder of US children and adolescents, and one of the most common problems seen by pediatricians" (Childhood Overweight).
"Obesity is a concern among health professionals as it is invariably a precursor and a central cause for a host of other diseases and health problems. It also has a serous and negative impact on the countries economy in terms of the strain that it places on the healthcare system. Coupled with this is the fact that children are the economic future of the country and ill and unhealthy children cannot develop into a productive workforce."

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